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A Complete DJ Production System and the Ultimate Audio Sketchpad

Finally, a DJ app that emulates the CD DJ Decks
and offers the capability of scratching using traditional turntable techniques!
Simply record or load any sound and instantly loop, add effects, remix, and scratch. Loaded with pro features and easy to use, logo text is the ideal tool for DJs and musicians, from beginner to professional.

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Introducing 2 Turntables and a Microphone for iPad

With a brand new approach to old-school mixing, logotext offers everything you need in a DJ app!
Practice traditional scratching methods with the innovative scratch buttons and the incredibly realisitic virtual turntables. Remix tracks with style using the futuristic Dub-Skip Mode and the loop-sizer. Enjoy the versatility of the samplers, hot cues, looping functions, effects, hand-spinning, and manual beat-matching. Pre-listen to tracks with the split audio feature.

The live microphone and High Definition sound invite endless possibilities, from creating your own samples, to mixing live performers into your sound. Easily manage and organize your tracks in the extended Music Library. The 'Save Track Settings' function allows you to fully prepare a mix in advance by saving loops, samples, cue points, and effects to each individual track. logo text's unique design allows for maximum creativity and limitless combinations.

It's amazing what you can do with just 2 Turntables and a Microphone!



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Loop Recorder: Using the built-in mic or an external microphone, easily record a voice, instrument, or any sampler sound onto each of the turntables, instantly ready for scratching, effects, etc.

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State-of-the-Art Turntables: Using Sprightly's advanced signal processing, our innovative scratch technology offers incredibly realistic and accurate virtual turntables !


Sampler: The sampler loads directly from the microphone, the turntables, or the music library. The sampler features continuous loop mode, which works great with drum loops.

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Adjustable Range Tempo/Pitch: For accurate beat-matching and creative effects (with independent control of tempo and pitch). Change the range from +/- 6.25, 12.5%, 25%, 50%, 100%, & 200%! (up to 75% on the iPad mini)

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Cue Points: Set the main cue and the 6 hot-cues on each turntable. Save your cue points to each track with the 'Save Track Settings' button in the Settings Menu.

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Scratch Mode Buttons: The innovative crossfader and volume buttons enable the quick on/off response time needed to perform many traditional scratching techniques. Remix tracks with style using the new Dub-Skip Mode.

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FX: The reverb, delay, and filters are ideal for the blending of rhythms and enhancing the tone of your sounds.

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EQ Dynamic 7-band equalizers with instant reset has a 63Hz to 16KHz range for precision sound sculpting.

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Turntable Looper: Lets users create a loop anywhere in the song. Scratch within the loop and move the tone arm to change a loop's position. Copy a loop-size from one turntable to the other, or set independent loop sizes. The Loop Sizer changes the loop length at set intervals for transitions and effects.

  Save track setting icon

Save Track Settings: Allows you to save samples, cue points, tempo/pitch, EQ, turntable loop-size, and effects right onto a track. Making it easy to set up mixes in advance! Save the loop recordings and all their settings as a new track in the music library.

record mix icon

Main Recorder: Lets users record the entire sound output in high Defintion. Tracks are saved to the Recorded Tracks folder, instantly ready for loading back into a mix.

  audio splitter icon

Split Audio: Cue up your tracks during live performance by pre listening to them through headphones, seperately from the main mix output. Compatable with most DJ audio splitter cables and the 'Traktor Audio 2 MK2 DJ sound card.'

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High Definition Sound: Records in high quality 48KHz 32bit WAV or CD quality 44.1KHz 16bit WAV sound format.

  music library icon Music Library: Automatically access and organize your iTunes music and playlists, as well as MP3, M4A, AAC, CAF, AIFF and WAV formats, from file folders within the app. Quick song loading and previewing.
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Export: Easily export to drpbox logo and soundcloud logo with the tap of a button or file share direct to your computer via iTunes.


Customizable Layout

The large layout of the turntables, in portrait mode, is designed to maximize space for scratching the turntable by hand. It also provides better accuracy for setting cue points. The neon highlight around the buttons provides excellent visibility in low light conditions. Choose your favorite neon hue in the Settings Menu.

Portrait View Mode
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Continually customize your work space by keeping only the overlays that you want to use open!


Music Library

text logo 's Music Library automatically imports your tracks and Playlists from iTunes, and enables you to fully organize them. Quickly load and preview your tracks or recordings, name your folders, and tag tracks in multiple folders. Export your recorded tracks to Dropbox or SoundCloud, load the samplers directly with any track in the Library, and much more!

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Settings Menu
The help icon Help Icon accesses the logotext User Manual.

Set program preferences, such as neon hue, record output format, Split Audio headphone preview on/off, and adjust preview and sampler volumes. Use the 'Save Track Settings' buttons to save the Loop Recording, Samplers, Cue points, Tempo/Pitch, Turntable Looper, EQ, and Effects settings for each track.

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